HENRICUS Hutington

HENRICUS Hutington
HENRICUS Hutington
floruit A. C. 1158. sub Stephano Angliae Rege Auctor Historiae Angl. libb. 10. Chronici, tabb. Chrono logicarum continuationis Bedae, etc. Historicus egregius, Polyd Virg. Probatus auctor, Ioh. Lelando. Voss. Morer. Dict. Hist. HENRICUS de Kalkar cogn. Aeger, Carthusianus, scripsit de origine et progressu sui ordinis, etc. Obiit A. C. 1408. Petreius in not. ad Dorl. et in Bibl. Carthus. p. 131. et seqq.

Hofmann J. Lexicon universale. 1698.

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